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Adopting a multidisciplinary, experimental approach to textile design, my work focusses heavily on material and process, using both traditional and unconventional, innovative methods.


Mycelium sculpture visually inspired by Croft Quarry, composed of reishi oat seed spawn, cotton paper, sheep's wool and red clay excavated in Loughborough.

Mycelium Sculptures

Four sculptures featuring Bolivia, Surrey, Leicestershire and Dorset: The Tape Measure.

Dorset: The Tape Measure

Reishi fruit bodies growing out of the sculpture.

The Tape Measure (1963)

An image from 1963 from my Grandfather's photo archive: a geology field trip to Dorset, featuring a tape measure and pickaxe, measuring earth layers. Shot on film. This photo was my initial inspiration for the project.

Georgie Gerrard

Final year project

6 Locations

Work Experience

During my year in the industry, I worked as Studio Intern at MONC, a sustainable eyewear company based in London. My job encompassed several roles, including creative digital and marketing, customer service and relations, and material and sustainability research. Working on a product was highly informative and relevant to my practice. The company not only broadened my understanding of how a small business runs; as a conscious brand, it allowed me to gain a huge insight into our unsustainable consumerist market. The brand's ethos was to create conscious eyewear made from sustainable, durable materials - something I have taken forward into my own practice. The research I conducted during my time with MONC introduced me to a whole host of innovative materials, including mycelium, which I proceeded to experiment with within my own work.

Working with a small brand had its challenges; there were several occasions when I had to learn new skills very quickly. It was important to be highly adaptable and willing to take on multiple different job roles at one time. My digital skills are much improved since my year in the industry, whereby I am now highly proficient in Photoshop, InDesign and Illustrator. Overall, my experience with the brand massively shaped my design practice going forwards.