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I've been experimenting with notions of movement of water and how it changes between time and space in both digital media and traditional drawing.

Untitled #4

I wanted to see how digital media could help with the testing of materials that aren't easily accessible in the actual world. I chose granite as the sculpture's media because I was fascinated by how the light reflects off of it and the work's transparency in the physical world. Normally, granite sculptures are enormous and bulky, but I wanted to experiment with the contrast of using a thin and delicate structure and lines in the design of this sculpture.

Accidental Drawing

This is a photo of my studio floor, where I was fascinated by the diverse marks made while working on other drawings. The concept was accidentally established, and it became a fascinating concept for me. Using water and ink as a medium, I allow it to unintentionally reveal itself on canvas and paper. The work's composition and various ink gradients interested me.

Ink Drawing Series #1

I used diluted ink as the medium in my experiment with water revealing itself because it would provide a contrast of colour and layers in my experiment to portray movement. Splattering, pressing, and moving the paper were some of the techniques I used in the experiment.

Ink Drawing Series #2

Untitled (Diptych)

These paintings were a diptych in which I experimented with different concentrations of ink to see what marks were formed after it dried. Even though this was a monochromatic drawing, it still captures the sublime of black and void.

Chun Hin Chan

Final year project

Reimagining Water

Work Experience

Internship at Hong Kong Government (POC) 2021/07-2021/09

Internship at Hong Kong Government (Family Conflict and Sexual Violence Policy Unit) 2020/07- 2020/08

Property Officer at Nice Property Management Ltd 2017/07 to 2017/08